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Take Me - Paperback (Signed)

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Signed paperback copy of Take Me by Jen Trinh (me!). Comes with one free piece of mystery swag (bookmark or sticker).

If you'd like for this book to be personalized, please use the contact form on this site or send an email to jentrinhwrites at gmail dot com with your personalization request.

Full book description:

There's Mr. Right...and then there's Mr. Ong.

Tom Ong isn’t exactly handsome or witty.Tall? Yes. Nerdy? Sure. Single? Yep—13 years and counting. But he doesn’t mind. As an avid boulderer, he’s used to being on his own and unattached.

His close colleague, Cassie Green, prefers sport climbing. She’s petite, charming, and already taken—i.e., his exact opposite. Despite their differences, Cassie knows that Tom deserves love like anyone else. That’s why, after countless meetings and work trips together, Cassie vows to find him a partner.

The thing is, he doesn’t want a partner—he wants her. And while searching for his perfect match, Cassie begins to feel the same…except that she’s married.

When her husband proposes a different arrangement, Cassie can’t decide: is this a disaster, or a golden opportunity? The beginning of the end, or the start of something wonderful? To find the answer, all three will have to determine what Happily Ever After means to them.