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Coming Clean - Paperback (Signed)

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Signed paperback copy of Coming Clean by Jen Trinh (me!). Comes with one free piece of mystery swag (bookmark or sticker).

If you'd like for this book to be personalized, please use the contact form on this site or send an email to jentrinhwrites at gmail dot com with your personalization request.

Full book description:

Mix two lonely misfits, one aloof rabbit, a bag of shrimp chips, and what do you get?

A terrific scandal.

Diana “Di” Ho is a goth fashion designer failing to make it in LA. After begging the Universe for a sign, she’s answered by the narcissist hiding next door: A-list actor Darien Lee, known to his fans as “Prince Charming,” or sometimes “Space Darcy.” Both desperate for a distraction, the two find comfort in each other’s arms. But when their night of passion is caught on camera, they’re forced to work together to cover up their mistake, despite assuming the absolute worst of one another.

While cautiously collaborating, they begin to realize that things are not as they seem, and there’s more binding them together than their burning attraction. Soon they’re caught in a patchwork of lies, and the only way out is to cut ties or come clean—to each other, the public, and themselves.

But does Prince Charming belong with a dark, moody princess, or was he never that sunny to begin with?

Content warnings: mentions of cheating (non-MC), racism, cyberbullying, explicit language, explicit sex scenes